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Joining in the Gang-Rape


A lot of things have been happening lately, which have spurred ‘words’ and actions from people of different classes within the country. One of those people is my darling friend, who seeks to navigate his thoughts towards the desired and necessary change in the way things are in this country, through the use of ‘ink and paper’.


“I may have gained a reputation of being too critical of Nigeria’s government, especially the one led by GEJ. I may not be blamed if one considers the fact that I am full blooded Nigerian and one that is greatly concerned about the future ofNigeriaand Nigerians, that may have to go on a scale to be weighed though, arguably I would say.

I have come to the conclusion that our beloved nation has been continuously mutilated over a long period, but there is no single person or group to blame (my honest thoughts). The system that has degradedNigeriais an unofficial grand design of gang-rape featuring all sectors, inspired by all manner of contributors. Most of us are guilty of joining in this vicious act of gang-rape of our dearNigeria, consciously, sub-consciously or unconsciously.

We need to remind ourselves that there are too many ways through which we are guilty of equally plundering Nigeria’s chastity, from the Office Assistant who hides (destroys) a file for a fee to an MD who hires a Secretary for mere lustful pleasure. We destroy our immediate environments by deciding to be untidy which in turn destroys our health and makes us frequent the already congested garages we call hospitals. Whether or not we like it, we are guilty one way or the other of desecratingNigeria’s inherent greatness, as it multiplies, it spirals out of control.

As things are presently, I believe we are at a point where we have to sin no more, our leaders and we the followers must resolve to re-invent ourselves in ways that will benefit our country and her people, each of us at his/her level of operation/capacity. I have become too Nigerian to believe in the threats that currently stare us in the face; anyway I am not making any excuses for the non-performing leadership at all levels and in almost all sectors.

I will leave us with a little reminder, when we set out to do a task; each of us should please ask him/herself; by undertaking this task, am I joining in the gang-rape of my belovedNigeria? The answer will naturally flow.

By writing this note, I am surely not joining in the gang-rape of my dear country. Little things add up to become big things.”

Affectionately Nigerian,


My blog. My Posts.


Sooooooooooooo. This is my blog and this is what an online blog looks like. No Introductions needed. aS iT iS mY bloG. So basically, a blog is like an electronic diary. WEll, that’s how I see it. Blog. Blogger. Blogging. You come on YOUR blog, write what you feel like, people may or may not read, share, comment and do whatever. I am still trying to understand why people think their blogs must be read. Express yourself however you want, whether you have a viewrship/readership/followership or not. Since when did blogging become a fad? Where a blogger then becomes a ‘celebrity’? So basically, according to me, ‘blogging’ DOES NOT improve social status, increase your financial status and what have you. So basically, if you want to blog anyhow, go ahead without being apologetic to anyone. Just as you live comfortably, blog comfortably too. You know people ‘religiously’ guard their diaries, so shall I treat my dear blog. I pass though.