My blog. My Posts.


Sooooooooooooo. This is my blog and this is what an online blog looks like. No Introductions needed. aS iT iS mY bloG. So basically, a blog is like an electronic diary. WEll, that’s how I see it. Blog. Blogger. Blogging. You come on YOUR blog, write what you feel like, people may or may not read, share, comment and do whatever. I am still trying to understand why people think their blogs must be read. Express yourself however you want, whether you have a viewrship/readership/followership or not. Since when did blogging become a fad? Where a blogger then becomes a ‘celebrity’? So basically, according to me, ‘blogging’ DOES NOT improve social status, increase your financial status and what have you. So basically, if you want to blog anyhow, go ahead without being apologetic to anyone. Just as you live comfortably, blog comfortably too. You know people ‘religiously’ guard their diaries, so shall I treat my dear blog. I pass though.


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