Whats on your mind?


This is something i wrote a ‘while’ back… Just read sha!

Before most people got familiar with the ‘new cool’ in town, they gave at least a hundred and 50 answers to this question…(doing some mental azonto)..answers that didnt really concern peeps like me (those of us that have a LIFE)…. Anyways, thats not my concern now. I’m trying, yes trying to share whats on my mind presently, this time 10.11p.m 21st March, 2012…. It’s a really long list…First, m thinking (actually hoping) to watch or even perform alongside 9ice and Tiwa in their duet…love the song (np Everything u do 9ice and Tiwa)…..2nd, if u reading dis, means u know me, and if u truly know me, u’d know how much i love and cherish my WRISTWATCHES…unfortunately, a very very bad thing seems to have happened…been looking for my ‘HOBNOT’…my only surrviving wristwatch…n now it seems gone..dont wanna believe it yet tho…cant be possible sef…btw sha, if ur thinking of solving this lil girl’s mystery, just provide me wiv a very nice watch…no fake thaings abeeeeeeg! if u can not afford a very original time-piece, pls dont bother, other things will do…i’m humble oooooo but hmmn hmmn, a fake timepiece may suffocate me…me sef won buy watch for pikin…thanx…On to the next one…u knw m serving yeah, yeah! ts the 21st of March, so my head is calculating what my allowee will be goin in2…a watch (SWATCH thaings) or perfume sha! chei…m still owing o….dts btw tho….Most importantly, my mind is filled with what 2mao will/myt bring…ts a thursday…thinking i shld fast..good yeah? yeah good…(i cant think straight oooo, ears feel lyk they flying..) wa’eva mehn…..my spirit has refused to write sumfng moveable…m proud of those writers sha….does this mean i’m dull? r u answering?..did i ask u?…*hiss*….but seriously tho, i cant relate with some of the things they write sha..how do they even come about those things…anyways sha, i believe God has created us for different reasons and has given us different brains for different purposes…At this juncture (Note: Yoruba pple, its not junction), i implore you, yes you prying into my private life to go and get urself something worthwhile to do…



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  1. Hahahahaha, hilarious! I like this piece. Crazy sense of humor, you should worrk on your paragraphing, thouugh I’ve seen improvements in the newer articles. Officially bookmarking this page.

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