It’s almost like a ‘norm’ for me to wake every morning and follow a particular routine. That ‘certainty’ of doing something ‘later’ is almost always there. This however, isn’t the reality of things. One moment Tayo is smiling, the next, he is gone. This is the true state of man. There is no certainty at all.  I wake every morning, walk to the rest room, with ease, I empty my bowels, clean myself ,by myself, stretch my body, perform ablution with water, observe my prayers with convenience, take my bath, brush my teeth, dress myself up, have breakfast and take a ride to work.  All these I do by myself, with no form of assistance from anyone, simply because I can. This is routine, this is what I see as normal. This is what a lot of us go through every day. This some say, is the ‘good life’. How sadly we forget those without limbs, those that cannot and may never be able to dress themselves, those who cannot and may never hear the cries of a child or the call to prayer, those who will never walk again, and those who cannot afford more than crumbs of bread as a day’s meal. Do you know anything about people with ‘terminal illnesses’? They live by moments. They are not sure of the next day or week or month. They, along with their families countdown to their last days. You count down to your wedding or your valedictory; they hope to stay a second more. It’s not by your might, power or status that you are where you are today. It is the will of God – the one who decides the condition of all creatures. I tell myself, why worry yourself over something you cannot change? Why complain of a situation you cannot help? Whatever happened to being patient, prayerful and thankful? We all have complained bitterly about how someone spoilt our telephone charger or how a ‘useless’ driver damages your ‘expensive’ car. Do I pick from those with medical problems? Or people with very high level of poverty? Or the physically challenged? Or those that have been psychologically damaged for life? I can’t even relate to all of these? I haven’t lost my sight. My speech is as clear as the clouds. My hands work perfectly well. My brain processes data just as it should. Oh, my digestive system is just perfect. I have not been diagnosed of cancer or renal failure. I have not lost a loved one. I eat whenever and whatever I want to. I am broke doesn’t mean I can’t afford to pay for my BIS. I try to look good and smell nice. And yet, I complain bitterly when I miss a movie, I scream at a taxi driver for wasting my ‘precious’ time, I engage in several vices, I fail in my religious obligations, I do not care about my neighbors or whoever, I can decide to destroy people’s lives or property. I LIVE WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE. I simply do not care. I believe that since I ‘struggled’ to be successful, why can’t others do same. Where were they when I labored for all I have today?

I cannot provide answers to your questions, but I can ask you: “Do you really believe you are all these by your power or might?” and “D o you think these will stay forever?” NO!!! Reflect and thank God for all you have and are today. For all these, are YET ANOTHER REASON TO THANK GOD!


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