Same Story


“It’s the sixth month since i started working on this project, and it still wouldnt be over. Everyone that supported from the beginning is almost nowhere to be found now. Noone is just as passionate as i am about this. Maybe it’s not worth it, maybe i dont even need to go on.. *sigh* I’m actually tired”.

These are the thoughts in my head.

Very much sounds like the same story every ‘successful’ person relates. This is the moment when everything seems like they won’t break through, the moment when you feel there is no atom of energy or zeal left in you, the passion is draining away and you are suddenly becoming more and more uninterested. It really is sad. Cos’ when u have put so much effort into a thing and required or desired results are not springing up as you envisaged, the energy actually drops. The love gets quenched. And you almost are back to ‘shallow’ level. I am really trying to pick it all up, not cos’ i also want to tell a story (i will tho), but cos’ it’s something I’ve got love for, something I’ve put almost all my all. I CAN DO IT and I surely WILL DO IT! This is a piece to myself, a note of encouragement to keep going on and not stop cos I WILL GET THERE! And if you get the chance to read this, i wish you luck in all you do. A lil more effort, perseverance and patience is what you really need, after Faith!

‘For every second that passes, comes with a smile on my face.’




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