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A Ready Son of the North


Welcome. I am quite sure you all are wondering what the title is all about. First, Monsu isnt a Northerner, neither is ‘she’ a Son. True. However, i am a staunch protagonist of revolution, that i strongly believe is what we need in this country and that i very much see coming from a synergy of us all. There you have it again, from our very own Umar, driving hios point into our hearts as best as he can. Enjoy.

Historically, Northern Nigeria in the pre-colonial era was a society of greatly collective communal living. The market structures were largely in niches held by extended families and sometimes renowned neighborhoods. Sensational arguments prevailed as to the practicability of an independent Nigeria in 1957, mainly fired by an antagonist south leaving the North in its largely timid state, reveling in immaturity for the task of modern day governance, especially with very low western education capacity (which still has only been meagerly addressed). In 1960, Nigeria gained independence and a Northerner became the country’s first Prime Minister and Head of Government, a much better read Southerner became Head of State (Ceremonial Leader).

 Recalling the subsequent leaderships that Nigeria had over the course of 52 years, between PM Balewa and the last Northern President Yar’adua, the North has had cumulative 38 years at the helm, with the South holding for 14 years, out of which Obasanjo alone had 11 years. For this reason and a lot more, the North has no business crying foul at the current state of despair. The region was in power for so long, yet our people are the least educated in terms of conventional basic schooling and even proper theological advancement, as well as in upholding the ideals of the concept our pre-dominant faith preaches. We are terribly lagging in spirited communal synergy and coherent resolve to face our predicament as a surmountable challenge. The loudest cries we hear are of conspiracies against us, and of plots to decimate us, we have even heard shameless calls for increase in the federal stipends from oil revenues, even though unknown to most of us, the arable land we continually boast of is increasingly shrinking of desertification while we fall over ourselves to gain government favors or slaughter at will.

 All one sees around our villages and even towns and cities are faces deprived of happiness and body structures horribly malnourished, some by nature but most by hunger.

We most certainly must work towards creating a virile networking community which shall radiate genuine hope, while we struggle to persevere and work for a true Northern re-orientation. We are at a point that requires us to do the unconventional, a vehement belief in our numbers and in our values, a solid return to the scheming games of the past in order to secure the future. Even if an envisaged model is not attained in my lifetime and yours, those who come afterwards will acknowledge the traces of our efforts and build there from. Our strength is basically in our unison, above trivial issues and in warm receipt of historical, cultural and religious differences.

 Honestly, we do not really appear ready for such a daunting challenge, apart from the very few that may be already on board and strategically aligned to a true Northern re-focusing, we hardly can say so of the state Governors with whom we should be forging strategic alliances. I can see our vision clearly materializing, what I doubt is that the current state of despair is enough lesson for us to do the unconventional turn around for greater self realization and optimal attainment of a dwarfed potential. What we really need are ready sons and daughters of the North, who believe that a re-branding is possible for a better community.

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