Pride or Confidence


*Hello world* Well, here we are again… Buh u know its amazing how this year’s moving so fast…i’m almost losing count, u know… Anyways, enjoy the read…

There has been a question I‘ve had to ask myself several times and I’m still yet to get a satisfactory and convincing answer.

What is that significant difference between CONFIDENCE and PRIDE?

In answering this question satisfactorily, I decided to seek people’s opinions and here is a few of the answers I got:

Rotimi: where Pride entails that the ‘bearer’ possesses some sort of luxury in order to relate with a person, Confidence is more of a natural thing. He is of the notion that a proud person bases his relationship with people on material things as against the natural flow that occurs within a confident person.

Tayo on the other hand thinks “Confidence is having belief in your abilities. Pride won’t ever let you do it in the first place. Confidence can make you apologize without feeling bad. Pride sets in when you are over confident. It may also set in when you try to evaluate and believe you are better off than many people. Confidence is believing that people are better than you just the way you are better than others but you are still good in your way, style, field. So many people talk with pride rather than confidence and when some people talk with confidence it is mistaken for pride. For example, I know I used to earn 150k hoping for a 200k job then I’m offered a 40k job. Even though I don’t have any source of income at the moment, I refuse to take on the 40k, some would say its pride, but it’s not, it means I know what I’m worth.

Segun on the one hand, popularly referred to as ‘Shege’ said in ‘simple terms’, Pride is stupidity and Confidence is self-worth, ended with SHIKENA!!!

I have battled with my inner-self and with external forces in clearly differentiating between Pride and Confidence. In my opinion however, both terms are subject to subjective values or individual opinions. I think that the difference is that PRIDE is displayed when an individual is ‘unsure’ while Confidence goes with ‘certainty’.

It will be of utmost interest to know your individual opinions about these terms, using the comment box. Thank you.



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  1. confidence is a rational belief in one’s own abilities while pride is looking down on others and refusing to accept the truth out of self-esteem

  2. In my oppnion, confidence is an ability and like all abilities, it can be built or learned. Pride, on the other hand is difficult to describe. It is more natural than confidence, which is evident from the fact that almost every tom, dick and harry has pride in him/her. We consciously learn to eliminate pride, while confidence, is consciously developed. From this we see that confidence is refined pride. Transmuting pride into confidence should therefore, be our goal, for pride hurts even ourselves whereas confidence enders us into the hearts of hearts of our compatriots. I still haven’t defined pride.I know. I’m working on it.

  3. I believe pride and confidence are the two sides of the same coin. Your vantage point determines what you describe the coin as. Pride is regarded as a less positive adjective while confidence has more positive intonations. So what makes one decide a person is proud or confident? Am inclined to say its the perceived humility of a person that determines if he/she is proud or confident. If one is humble in their actions then one can be termed confident and the lack of humility terms the person proud.

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