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Day One


Monday, the 26th

Well, to begin with, I would never have thought that I’d ever dream this, let alone, write about it. Anyways, as fate would have it, here I am, communicating with the world, as a TEACHER.

Today 26th August, 2013 marks the beginning of my journey through the world as a teacher. Let me state here and now that one would think teaching is one of those easy tasks, but hey, trust me, y’all know nothing ‘bout that stuff.  I’d like to share my utmost concern about the younger generation and that I am one of those who are very optimistic about a better Nigeria.

I, however, could not think of a better platform to reach out to and impart in these kids, those values which we so desire (well, I believe values still exist). Hence, I took up a teaching job, at an elementary school (catch ‘em young, they say).

(You may also like to know that I had been working for myself, as a concept development consultant, which I still run by the way: D). Fortunately, I’d add, destiny was kind enough to ‘throw’ me into one of those schools in Nigeria that employ a standard British curriculum in teaching, which, personally, I find a lot more beneficial. I know ur asking ‘why’ now? I mean, I wasn’t taught maths relating it to shopping at ‘Shoprite’ as the numeracy textbooks have. It’d be a lot easier for students to understand and solve mathematical problems if these problems were directly and reasonably related to their real-life experiences.

All that been said, first day went just fine. There was our first meeting with the school administrators and colleagues, very lovely environment, I must add. Part from the fact that I did not have breakfast before leaving the house (out of the fear that I may run late), hence, I was exhausted; decorating the classroom was not much of a biggie. Again, I’d say, if ALL schools (public, private, home, wa’ever) had cosy, conducive, beautiful and well-decorated classrooms, our children will probably learn better.

Yeah! Did I mention that my colleagues make me want to learn already? I had seen pretty much on paper that the quality of an organization’s staff has an unquantifiable consequence on the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the organization. I remember jesting that it’ll be useless for anyone in this environment to ‘brag’ about his or her ‘university degree’, knowing fully well the capacity and capabilities of his or her colleagues, displayed already, ON THE FIRST DAY! I MEAN, I WAS LITERALLY ‘WOOOWED’.

I’ll simply conclude at this point that the Nigerian Educational System (NES) has a long way to go (where’s Cassie btw?)

So basically, 1st day was all about getting acquainted with the school environment and people. I have a senior tutor with whom I share a class and who I will be understanding understudying. Yeah, so we were trying to form a bond (u know, like James Bond) and all that. Pretty much a typical first day. Good ending. School closes at 4.00p.m and so do I.


How it all began…



Good morning world, before i begin to share my story(ies) as a teacher, you may like to know a lil about this personality.

I am a Miss (seen from the name of this blog, ryt?)
I am also a graduate of Sociology from one of the very few good schools in Nigeria and yeah, i attended one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria. I am very passionate about a better Nigeria (you may have seen from some of my posts here) and I believe my generation is one that will make a positive change.

I have been consulting (concept development) for a while now, something i find very interesting and challenging and of course, quite profitable. I am also a ‘business woman’… So, the reason for my choice of this job (teaching) is definitely NOT for the money.

I have tried to give counselling, within my capacity, to young people with the lil knowledge and wisdom bestowed on me :D. This coupled with the experiences i have also had growing up, i am working towards assisting young people grow. I notice that there are so many loopholes that need to be adequately filled, too many issues bothering young people that need to be properly addressed.

Fortunately for me, during one of my ‘consulting jobs’, i took a visit to ‘this school’ to meet with one of my ‘clients’, who later turned out to invite me to work at the school. I refused initially for many other reasons, but then i had a rethink. i thought that if everyone keeps ‘chickening’ away from being a teacher, and waiting for the ‘right, best, white collar’ job to come, oh well, i do not see a ‘growing’ Nigeria.

Immediately, like a functional spring, i rose up to take the offer, boldly and proudly. And here i am today, with all smiles, a proud teacher of the younger generation.

Join me in riding through Le Journey.