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Dialogue Uno


Lady G: Hi.
Mrs. A: Hello. how are u?
G: good. u dont remember me, do you?
A: im really sorry. I’m new here tho.
G: yes nao, it is u. is it not u that ur husband just got a federal govt contract worth hundreds of millions? Shebi ur kids now attend greensprings. U people’s house is even the finest in the estate. Ah! my sister, I envy u o. So what do u do? m sure u r not a house wife. I dont think u have registered with the women’s association in this estate? it’s not like those people even do anything serious, it’s only talk talk, amebo. Can u imagine, Mrs. Amodu organized one very big party like that, and u won’t believe her husband didn’t show up. he was in his room all thru. Me I knew something was nor right. My sister, after me I chopped buffet free, I left o. Because my husband doesn’t like all these women gatherings. Chei. men r wicked o. I heard later from the amebos that he slipped in one hotel bathroom. only God knows what he was doing there. My sister, dont let me delay u jare. maybe ur off to work. Ah, see me, it’s past 10, u can’t be going to work. do u own a shop? what side are you going? U dont have a driver?

You have only one shot at a ‘killer line’. What would it be?