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A bit more than twenty


Hey you, did you read the last post here? But you do know of a recent trend in the air, that one that never gets old, about sharing a bit of what you are with the world? Anyways, i was tagged in  one of such posts, to share 20 facts about myself, and because my Instagram page does not have a note pad, i decided to drop them here. Enjoy20 facts

*adjusts goggles* somebody just has to indulge all these children. ‘mimic: 20 facts about me’. Well. I am not such an easy task and here are 20 random facts about me.

#1- The above paragraph has stated 5 facts about me already. You’ll be smart to decipher. (Even though the very smart boyfriend of my lover makes my effort to be smart seem commonplace) wa’evurr. Moving on…

#2- I think I am weird. Contrary to what many think, I am sometimes austere (or vice-versa).

#3- I have amnesia and love puns. (Final question, Edoho asked frankly, ‘what word comes before boy in the following sentence?’ -__- I definitely had been asked before) *there is absolutely no intended pun in this statement*

#4- I love food, perfumes and watches. Hell yeah, and money!

#5- I am such a ‘butt’ (add the ‘y’ if you wish). I think I am related to a ‘Saka’… But what is life without Sarcastically Smart people?

#6- I love people.  Although it seems like I don’t care to care sometimes, I sincerely do. I reach out and some people take this wrongly, but this is the part where I couldn’t…never mind!

#7- I think I am a smart person. It’s hard to live otherwise. (Sometimes I catch  myself looking down on dull people. Hey! It’s not my fault). You cannot catch me ‘taboning’. (Some people will kill themselves over this ‘tabon’ issue. DIE!)

#8- I love to use pen on paper (or ink on screen). I am trying to say I like to write. (I doubt if I can ever get how these ‘writers’ do it)*shrugs*

#9- I am a bloody Entrepreneur. I have no businesses to my name, but I do have business names.     

#10- I happen to be one of those very misunderstood people, but then, aren’t we all? I am a victim of ageism.

#11- I love family. Mine, yours, your neighbours’, friends’, foes’, rich, poor, anything family, I LOVE!

#12- I take pride in my person! I have a very gargantuan ego.

#13- I love to be humble. (I can certainly say I am in 5 years, when I’m an alumnus of HBS, possibly a billionaire, and boast of the world’s largest collection of watches. Errm, for now, I just love to be humble).

#15-  If I start mentioning names of the women I love now, some people will get jealous. I try to make everyone feel special, for absolutely nothing in return. Please don’t bug me, I HATE IT!!!

#14- Oh, 14 comes before 15? The husband is strolling down from Jupiter. Baby, I’m almost getting tired of waiting o. Btw, if I were a boy; I’d be the world’s greatest bf.

#16- My smile is beautiful and contagious.

#17- I cannot walk in heels. Don’t imagine it, it’s horrible!!!

#18- I pee a lot. Doctors say I’m fine. I don’t do dirt.

#19- I am sometimes as boring as when Timi ‘Drykolo’ sings. It can never get worse than that tho.

#20- I can write 20 facts about myself while … Phuckeet, I’m pressed (said Fabriccino to Iron Man).

P.s: Seeing that you were able to read through my rants, I owe you one slice of cake*






* After you’ve used the comment box. 😀

Barry – the Bee



Recently (this is definitely a throwback), I saw this really fascinating, exciting, interesting, sweet, brilliant animated movie called THE BEE MOVIE! If you haven’t seen it, please go look for it. It is a must-watch! The quality of the movie was DOPE and its content was nothing short of awesome. I’d like to believe the genre is ‘comedy’. Errm…ok, we are not here to get a movie review, rather to take away with us some ‘honey’- one or two lessons I learnt from the movie using the main character, Berry, as my focal point. :D.

 Barry is a ‘bee-man’, young college graduate hoping to get an amazing job! Well yeah, like us humans.  However, he was the type that liked to explore. So, he decided to go on an adventure – to go out there, to the real world.

 He got to the ‘real world’ where humans live and noticed the ills that were done by men towards the ‘bee-world’. He tried to correct these ills in which he ‘awesomely’ succeeded. Yes!!! Berry never quit, even when the cause he was pursuing seemed IMPOSSIBLE. He was ‘bervin’ like that- resilient. He identified the challenges that were posed by the human world to the bee world and with every and all resources at his disposal and beyond; he was able to solve all mystery. What was exactly fascinating was how a small bee conquered an entire human race.

 I particularly revere him for his ZEAL, COMPASSION, INTELLIGENCE and BRAVERY. These are basic human qualities that take us to places we could never imagine. Your interest in and passion about something drives you towards its attainment even in the midst of hardest of tussles. Also, the relevant and necessary information you have about what you are pursuing takes you closer to your desired goal, therefore, seeking knowledge is very important. Confidence and bravery are also very essential in becoming successful in this world. Remember that confidence isn’t pride. Trust me, develop these qualities in the right mix and in no time, you’ll be climbing the ladder of success with your own stories to share.


Be BERVIN MAVIN like that.