A bit more than twenty


Hey you, did you read the last post here? But you do know of a recent trend in the air, that one that never gets old, about sharing a bit of what you are with the world? Anyways, i was tagged in  one of such posts, to share 20 facts about myself, and because my Instagram page does not have a note pad, i decided to drop them here. Enjoy20 facts

*adjusts goggles* somebody just has to indulge all these children. ‘mimic: 20 facts about me’. Well. I am not such an easy task and here are 20 random facts about me.

#1- The above paragraph has stated 5 facts about me already. You’ll be smart to decipher. (Even though the very smart boyfriend of my lover makes my effort to be smart seem commonplace) wa’evurr. Moving on…

#2- I think I am weird. Contrary to what many think, I am sometimes austere (or vice-versa).

#3- I have amnesia and love puns. (Final question, Edoho asked frankly, ‘what word comes before boy in the following sentence?’ -__- I definitely had been asked before) *there is absolutely no intended pun in this statement*

#4- I love food, perfumes and watches. Hell yeah, and money!

#5- I am such a ‘butt’ (add the ‘y’ if you wish). I think I am related to a ‘Saka’… But what is life without Sarcastically Smart people?

#6- I love people.  Although it seems like I don’t care to care sometimes, I sincerely do. I reach out and some people take this wrongly, but this is the part where I couldn’t…never mind!

#7- I think I am a smart person. It’s hard to live otherwise. (Sometimes I catch  myself looking down on dull people. Hey! It’s not my fault). You cannot catch me ‘taboning’. (Some people will kill themselves over this ‘tabon’ issue. DIE!)

#8- I love to use pen on paper (or ink on screen). I am trying to say I like to write. (I doubt if I can ever get how these ‘writers’ do it)*shrugs*

#9- I am a bloody Entrepreneur. I have no businesses to my name, but I do have business names.     

#10- I happen to be one of those very misunderstood people, but then, aren’t we all? I am a victim of ageism.

#11- I love family. Mine, yours, your neighbours’, friends’, foes’, rich, poor, anything family, I LOVE!

#12- I take pride in my person! I have a very gargantuan ego.

#13- I love to be humble. (I can certainly say I am in 5 years, when I’m an alumnus of HBS, possibly a billionaire, and boast of the world’s largest collection of watches. Errm, for now, I just love to be humble).

#15-  If I start mentioning names of the women I love now, some people will get jealous. I try to make everyone feel special, for absolutely nothing in return. Please don’t bug me, I HATE IT!!!

#14- Oh, 14 comes before 15? The husband is strolling down from Jupiter. Baby, I’m almost getting tired of waiting o. Btw, if I were a boy; I’d be the world’s greatest bf.

#16- My smile is beautiful and contagious.

#17- I cannot walk in heels. Don’t imagine it, it’s horrible!!!

#18- I pee a lot. Doctors say I’m fine. I don’t do dirt.

#19- I am sometimes as boring as when Timi ‘Drykolo’ sings. It can never get worse than that tho.

#20- I can write 20 facts about myself while … Phuckeet, I’m pressed (said Fabriccino to Iron Man).

P.s: Seeing that you were able to read through my rants, I owe you one slice of cake*






* After you’ve used the comment box. 😀

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  1. Err… I ran into a few words to which I know not their meanings. And I was impressed. Now I have to learn something new. I can’t wait to look up the meaning of ‘austere’.
    Didn’t know you were this creative. Nice!
    Well, 1 out of 20 things about me is: I can be very vulgar at times, say, once in 6 months!

  2. Lmao @ no 12. Ive experienced this gargantuan ego of urs….chicken republic incident with the security. A night to remember
    As for no. 18 *scratches head* lets just leave it as it is.
    Agree with nos. 16,9&4…although no. 3 dey one kain…and no. 7 is highly debateable * esp when it comes to my own smartness and genius* 😏😏😏😏
    Adios BOSS 😜

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