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Barry – the Bee



Recently (this is definitely a throwback), I saw this really fascinating, exciting, interesting, sweet, brilliant animated movie called THE BEE MOVIE! If you haven’t seen it, please go look for it. It is a must-watch! The quality of the movie was DOPE and its content was nothing short of awesome. I’d like to believe the genre is ‘comedy’. Errm…ok, we are not here to get a movie review, rather to take away with us some ‘honey’- one or two lessons I learnt from the movie using the main character, Berry, as my focal point. :D.

 Barry is a ‘bee-man’, young college graduate hoping to get an amazing job! Well yeah, like us humans.  However, he was the type that liked to explore. So, he decided to go on an adventure – to go out there, to the real world.

 He got to the ‘real world’ where humans live and noticed the ills that were done by men towards the ‘bee-world’. He tried to correct these ills in which he ‘awesomely’ succeeded. Yes!!! Berry never quit, even when the cause he was pursuing seemed IMPOSSIBLE. He was ‘bervin’ like that- resilient. He identified the challenges that were posed by the human world to the bee world and with every and all resources at his disposal and beyond; he was able to solve all mystery. What was exactly fascinating was how a small bee conquered an entire human race.

 I particularly revere him for his ZEAL, COMPASSION, INTELLIGENCE and BRAVERY. These are basic human qualities that take us to places we could never imagine. Your interest in and passion about something drives you towards its attainment even in the midst of hardest of tussles. Also, the relevant and necessary information you have about what you are pursuing takes you closer to your desired goal, therefore, seeking knowledge is very important. Confidence and bravery are also very essential in becoming successful in this world. Remember that confidence isn’t pride. Trust me, develop these qualities in the right mix and in no time, you’ll be climbing the ladder of success with your own stories to share.


Be BERVIN MAVIN like that.

Pride or Confidence


*Hello world* Well, here we are again… Buh u know its amazing how this year’s moving so fast…i’m almost losing count, u know… Anyways, enjoy the read…

There has been a question I‘ve had to ask myself several times and I’m still yet to get a satisfactory and convincing answer.

What is that significant difference between CONFIDENCE and PRIDE?

In answering this question satisfactorily, I decided to seek people’s opinions and here is a few of the answers I got:

Rotimi: where Pride entails that the ‘bearer’ possesses some sort of luxury in order to relate with a person, Confidence is more of a natural thing. He is of the notion that a proud person bases his relationship with people on material things as against the natural flow that occurs within a confident person.

Tayo on the other hand thinks “Confidence is having belief in your abilities. Pride won’t ever let you do it in the first place. Confidence can make you apologize without feeling bad. Pride sets in when you are over confident. It may also set in when you try to evaluate and believe you are better off than many people. Confidence is believing that people are better than you just the way you are better than others but you are still good in your way, style, field. So many people talk with pride rather than confidence and when some people talk with confidence it is mistaken for pride. For example, I know I used to earn 150k hoping for a 200k job then I’m offered a 40k job. Even though I don’t have any source of income at the moment, I refuse to take on the 40k, some would say its pride, but it’s not, it means I know what I’m worth.

Segun on the one hand, popularly referred to as ‘Shege’ said in ‘simple terms’, Pride is stupidity and Confidence is self-worth, ended with SHIKENA!!!

I have battled with my inner-self and with external forces in clearly differentiating between Pride and Confidence. In my opinion however, both terms are subject to subjective values or individual opinions. I think that the difference is that PRIDE is displayed when an individual is ‘unsure’ while Confidence goes with ‘certainty’.

It will be of utmost interest to know your individual opinions about these terms, using the comment box. Thank you.


Spare the Child


*Clears tipper-load of web* The young woman has been on a long break (which i am actually tired of now), but hopefully, She is back again (for a while, maybe :D)….moving on, this new category focuses on personal opinions on issues (which may not necessarily be exclusively right n bla bla bla, but MY OPINIONS tho)…Please enjoy the very first post on this:


Ah ah! Looking back at those years now, growing up was fun. Really fun, even the beatings, FUN! In recent times, I sit and reminisce and just laugh. I’m amazed at how hysterical I can go about those times. But trust me, back then, it was no fun. My mum was a good ‘whipper’, very skilful one and she could beat for reasons which include ‘writing your assignments on your bed’.  She was good with those lasting strokes you wouldn’t forget. Pop man on the other hand was a rash lasher, anything goes, leaving ‘fine’ prints on your temple like a typical ‘da viva’ cloth. That was what we called ‘egba’. I got the least beatings though, I was too butty for cane *looks away*Now that’s MY family. It’s different in other places and among other people. Personally, I am yet to see beating as anything asides baleful. I see it as a way of oppressing young people or just another means of manifesting anger or aggression which is usually towards the younger folk of course. I remember my final year in Secondary School when the Principal nearly killed me because he ‘caught’ me skipping a class. He simply walked me into the class and asked why I was out at that time, and the teacher was in no way supportive. I received 14 hot strokes that day, without ‘Princi’ understanding my reason for not being in class which I considered very genuine. He didn’t even give me chance to talk. Loool… I know y’all are waiting for the reason…call me to find out..:p.. Anyways, it was accounts class which my folks sort of over cajoled me to take. I didn’t like the course a bit and from the beginning I had psychologically failed. Unfortunately or to make matters worse, the teacher of that subject was well over 70years. He was a very old and uninteresting individual. That was just more salt to the injury, hence, my continued dislike for the subject, hence, my reason for continued skipping. I didn’t know a thing of accounts, I didn’t like it and the teacher wasn’t at all helpful. Eventually, I FAILED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING IN MY WAEC EXAM- ‘D’.

The day I concluded that ‘beaters’ need counselling sessions was when I visited someone sometime, and quite unfortunately, I witnessed ‘beating of life’. I don’t clearly remember what the child did, but I recollect vividly that I shed tears with the child as she was being ‘disciplined’. It went from wire to canes to ‘omorogun’ to bottles to shoes. That was one hell of a beating.  Sadly, it was a girl child..:( The father was shouting, the child was crying and the mother sef was shaking. In my head I was just like WTF?!!! Seriously, whatever this child did, it did not warrant that she be treated that way, why don’t u just go ahead and slaughter her, so u save urself physical, mental and emotional stress which I know are inevitable after that episode of ‘WWW’s royal rumble’… Yorubas have this adage that goes (Omo ole buru titi ka gbe fun ekun pa), I think that’s how it goes… It literally means that no matter how difficult a child may be, the parents or family will not serve him to a lion as its prey. So why kill your kids with your hands?

I have argued this issue with different people cutting across different phases of life and of course they have varying stands concerning ‘beating a child’. Some are of the opinion that children MUST be beaten and that parents who ‘fail’ to beat their kids have the worst. Some argued that yes beating is highly encouraged and welcome, but should stop when the child gets to a certain age. And that makes me remember one of my family friends; the father still beat him in his 3rd year in school, UNIVERSITY o.

Despite their attempted explanations tho, I am not yet very much convinced with regards to beating a child. I am very sure there are parents who have raised highly responsible kids without employing beating as a means of correction or ‘reinforcement’ as someone stated. Not only do I not support the manner that people use in beating, I can almost sometimes bxxtch slap grown-ups for reasons for some beatings. I mean, why on earth will you want to kill a 10 year old because he has refused to eat, saying he is not hungry?

When I brought up the issue of how the West deal with their kids, a lot of people condemned ‘such drivel’ (the exact words a friend used..Imagine the anger) and quickly rose to criticisms, claiming that the absence of beating of children is the main cause of the rampant dysfunctions among them. Some ‘good people’ are of the opinion that the beatings their parents gave them then, are part of the reasons for their successes today. Well, I have cousins who are citizens of the United Kingdom and who I have never seen or heard their parents beat and have turned out to be wonderful kids. I mean Wonderful, in all sense of the word. And on the other hand, I have a direct case of an individual who his parents beat almost every day of his life and has turned out to be a college dropout, a tout and a very irresponsible being, which eventually means that all the beatings could NOT achieve a thing.

Like this category reads, it is a perspective, my opinion™. I’d love to read your stance on this issue via the comment box :D…Till then, SPARE THE CHILD AND ROT THE ROD! *Chaow*(remember him in Hangover?)