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Dusk 29: Mansu


My hopes for the next 11 or so months. Enjoy.

nostalgic words of future me

I was almost not going to ‘bother’ myself with writing this, but how do I go all out this year already?

I’ll start by putting a cap on the previous year. Chai, that year was just one kind. There was too much money learning going down. I learned and earned not much. Learnt how not to set too many goals and how to successfully be a victim of online scam. Apart from the fact that I was mostly broke and frequently unhappy, it was a year of plenty ‘strategic’ plans (my manager’s fav words) and preparations for a better 2015.

So, here goes:

Be Bold.

On the 30th day of January, I take a long walk out of misery my job into happiness or reality as some call it. This significantly is the beginning of this year for me. I had counted down for long, prepared, anticipated and wait…

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Spare the Child


*Clears tipper-load of web* The young woman has been on a long break (which i am actually tired of now), but hopefully, She is back again (for a while, maybe :D)….moving on, this new category focuses on personal opinions on issues (which may not necessarily be exclusively right n bla bla bla, but MY OPINIONS tho)…Please enjoy the very first post on this:


Ah ah! Looking back at those years now, growing up was fun. Really fun, even the beatings, FUN! In recent times, I sit and reminisce and just laugh. I’m amazed at how hysterical I can go about those times. But trust me, back then, it was no fun. My mum was a good ‘whipper’, very skilful one and she could beat for reasons which include ‘writing your assignments on your bed’.  She was good with those lasting strokes you wouldn’t forget. Pop man on the other hand was a rash lasher, anything goes, leaving ‘fine’ prints on your temple like a typical ‘da viva’ cloth. That was what we called ‘egba’. I got the least beatings though, I was too butty for cane *looks away*Now that’s MY family. It’s different in other places and among other people. Personally, I am yet to see beating as anything asides baleful. I see it as a way of oppressing young people or just another means of manifesting anger or aggression which is usually towards the younger folk of course. I remember my final year in Secondary School when the Principal nearly killed me because he ‘caught’ me skipping a class. He simply walked me into the class and asked why I was out at that time, and the teacher was in no way supportive. I received 14 hot strokes that day, without ‘Princi’ understanding my reason for not being in class which I considered very genuine. He didn’t even give me chance to talk. Loool… I know y’all are waiting for the reason…call me to find out..:p.. Anyways, it was accounts class which my folks sort of over cajoled me to take. I didn’t like the course a bit and from the beginning I had psychologically failed. Unfortunately or to make matters worse, the teacher of that subject was well over 70years. He was a very old and uninteresting individual. That was just more salt to the injury, hence, my continued dislike for the subject, hence, my reason for continued skipping. I didn’t know a thing of accounts, I didn’t like it and the teacher wasn’t at all helpful. Eventually, I FAILED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING IN MY WAEC EXAM- ‘D’.

The day I concluded that ‘beaters’ need counselling sessions was when I visited someone sometime, and quite unfortunately, I witnessed ‘beating of life’. I don’t clearly remember what the child did, but I recollect vividly that I shed tears with the child as she was being ‘disciplined’. It went from wire to canes to ‘omorogun’ to bottles to shoes. That was one hell of a beating.  Sadly, it was a girl child..:( The father was shouting, the child was crying and the mother sef was shaking. In my head I was just like WTF?!!! Seriously, whatever this child did, it did not warrant that she be treated that way, why don’t u just go ahead and slaughter her, so u save urself physical, mental and emotional stress which I know are inevitable after that episode of ‘WWW’s royal rumble’… Yorubas have this adage that goes (Omo ole buru titi ka gbe fun ekun pa), I think that’s how it goes… It literally means that no matter how difficult a child may be, the parents or family will not serve him to a lion as its prey. So why kill your kids with your hands?

I have argued this issue with different people cutting across different phases of life and of course they have varying stands concerning ‘beating a child’. Some are of the opinion that children MUST be beaten and that parents who ‘fail’ to beat their kids have the worst. Some argued that yes beating is highly encouraged and welcome, but should stop when the child gets to a certain age. And that makes me remember one of my family friends; the father still beat him in his 3rd year in school, UNIVERSITY o.

Despite their attempted explanations tho, I am not yet very much convinced with regards to beating a child. I am very sure there are parents who have raised highly responsible kids without employing beating as a means of correction or ‘reinforcement’ as someone stated. Not only do I not support the manner that people use in beating, I can almost sometimes bxxtch slap grown-ups for reasons for some beatings. I mean, why on earth will you want to kill a 10 year old because he has refused to eat, saying he is not hungry?

When I brought up the issue of how the West deal with their kids, a lot of people condemned ‘such drivel’ (the exact words a friend used..Imagine the anger) and quickly rose to criticisms, claiming that the absence of beating of children is the main cause of the rampant dysfunctions among them. Some ‘good people’ are of the opinion that the beatings their parents gave them then, are part of the reasons for their successes today. Well, I have cousins who are citizens of the United Kingdom and who I have never seen or heard their parents beat and have turned out to be wonderful kids. I mean Wonderful, in all sense of the word. And on the other hand, I have a direct case of an individual who his parents beat almost every day of his life and has turned out to be a college dropout, a tout and a very irresponsible being, which eventually means that all the beatings could NOT achieve a thing.

Like this category reads, it is a perspective, my opinion™. I’d love to read your stance on this issue via the comment box :D…Till then, SPARE THE CHILD AND ROT THE ROD! *Chaow*(remember him in Hangover?)

A Ready Son of the North


Welcome. I am quite sure you all are wondering what the title is all about. First, Monsu isnt a Northerner, neither is ‘she’ a Son. True. However, i am a staunch protagonist of revolution, that i strongly believe is what we need in this country and that i very much see coming from a synergy of us all. There you have it again, from our very own Umar, driving hios point into our hearts as best as he can. Enjoy.

Historically, Northern Nigeria in the pre-colonial era was a society of greatly collective communal living. The market structures were largely in niches held by extended families and sometimes renowned neighborhoods. Sensational arguments prevailed as to the practicability of an independent Nigeria in 1957, mainly fired by an antagonist south leaving the North in its largely timid state, reveling in immaturity for the task of modern day governance, especially with very low western education capacity (which still has only been meagerly addressed). In 1960, Nigeria gained independence and a Northerner became the country’s first Prime Minister and Head of Government, a much better read Southerner became Head of State (Ceremonial Leader).

 Recalling the subsequent leaderships that Nigeria had over the course of 52 years, between PM Balewa and the last Northern President Yar’adua, the North has had cumulative 38 years at the helm, with the South holding for 14 years, out of which Obasanjo alone had 11 years. For this reason and a lot more, the North has no business crying foul at the current state of despair. The region was in power for so long, yet our people are the least educated in terms of conventional basic schooling and even proper theological advancement, as well as in upholding the ideals of the concept our pre-dominant faith preaches. We are terribly lagging in spirited communal synergy and coherent resolve to face our predicament as a surmountable challenge. The loudest cries we hear are of conspiracies against us, and of plots to decimate us, we have even heard shameless calls for increase in the federal stipends from oil revenues, even though unknown to most of us, the arable land we continually boast of is increasingly shrinking of desertification while we fall over ourselves to gain government favors or slaughter at will.

 All one sees around our villages and even towns and cities are faces deprived of happiness and body structures horribly malnourished, some by nature but most by hunger.

We most certainly must work towards creating a virile networking community which shall radiate genuine hope, while we struggle to persevere and work for a true Northern re-orientation. We are at a point that requires us to do the unconventional, a vehement belief in our numbers and in our values, a solid return to the scheming games of the past in order to secure the future. Even if an envisaged model is not attained in my lifetime and yours, those who come afterwards will acknowledge the traces of our efforts and build there from. Our strength is basically in our unison, above trivial issues and in warm receipt of historical, cultural and religious differences.

 Honestly, we do not really appear ready for such a daunting challenge, apart from the very few that may be already on board and strategically aligned to a true Northern re-focusing, we hardly can say so of the state Governors with whom we should be forging strategic alliances. I can see our vision clearly materializing, what I doubt is that the current state of despair is enough lesson for us to do the unconventional turn around for greater self realization and optimal attainment of a dwarfed potential. What we really need are ready sons and daughters of the North, who believe that a re-branding is possible for a better community.

Dont forget to share with friends and family. 😀

Long Before Jonathan!


Hatred. The Blame-tag. Curses. These are the orders of the day, by which a typical ‘angry’ Nigerian lives. The incumbent governmenmt has suffered vehemently from verbal assaults from the general populace.

Speaking objectively though, this anger has been in us for years, even long before this present government. So,who really is to blame? Like they say, maybe this administration’s only having it’s share of the ‘NATIONAL CAKE’.

Well, heres a piece of what a very dear friend thinks.. Enjoy!

The Nigeria of today says so many things, from abject destitution to incredible affluence and from stark chauvinism to assimilating differences. I find it too easy picking faults in the actions (or inactions) of government or those in power, it has indeed been made a lot easier under the current dispensation. I repeatedly say that I personally do not blame Jonathan’s government for the dismal state that prevails; it is very much the concrete evidence of long years of indiscipline, misrule (by heads of families, heads of businesses and heads of government) and corruption. This lethal combination, over the last 36-40 years has destroyed our societies’ morals, which has caused leadership decay at all levels.

 It appears and feels too simple blaming the successive governments for what Nigeria is or is not (or has become). Very few people are proud of this country today, and the number shrinks by the day. Some feel that the country defies all logic in staying united; some bitterly feel that the country must remain one, and that its unity is not negotiable.

 I keep thinking that the current state of anguish would have taught us a lesson or two about abandoning a major problem and prioritizing the peripherals. Ours is a country haunted by a gory past and a horrible present, a past of neglect of all basic institutions and a present day destruction of same, a past of many years of unprecedented decadence amongst members of all strata of all societies and a present day high level mediocrity. We did not in the past envisage a manifestation of the results of those long years of neglect; neither did we think that a huge number of unlettered and unemployed youth would be harmful to our society, how foolish? We did not address the problem posed by a drop in school enrollment, we did not think that regulating destructive sermons of fiery clergy was necessary, and we felt the flaunting of excessive affluence by public officers in a society of hunger and homelessness would not be catastrophic in the long run. In spite of all of these lessons, we refuse to view our main problems today, but channel our energies towards destroying mutual peace.

 As a matter or urgency, the countless youth of this country must be engaged in gainful activities. Again, in as much as we try to limit or end proliferation of arms and ammunition, same efforts must go into limiting or ending the scourge of drug trafficking within our societies. The curriculum of secondary education should include two years of inter-faith religious studies, a study of the country’s two predominant faiths for at least a measure of being informed to a basic level.

 For all of the days that we are awakened by the news of senseless murders, rape, kidnappings and other numerous assault cases, I feel we have lost our identities and try to prove to be that which we are not and will never really be. Also, the incalculable thieving within power circles and the inestimable fraudulent activities in the name of businesses tells you that some are very uncomfortable with their humble identities. The uneasiness with one’s identity could also lead one to gullibly accept a highly questionable doctrine as divine and genuine.

 These and many other things we complain about daily on traffic, in queues, at the airports, motor parks, government building surroundings, hospital wards, human settlements, police stations and so many other places; have made me plainly pass a verdict that we were very horrible in the past, became worse in the recent past, grown more shameless and violent today and strive for even much worse in the future. Our present calamities were invited by us long before Jonathan and PDP! 

 By Umar Y. Mukhtar 12th July, 2012.

Please share your thoughts through the comment box.

Same Story


“It’s the sixth month since i started working on this project, and it still wouldnt be over. Everyone that supported from the beginning is almost nowhere to be found now. Noone is just as passionate as i am about this. Maybe it’s not worth it, maybe i dont even need to go on.. *sigh* I’m actually tired”.

These are the thoughts in my head.

Very much sounds like the same story every ‘successful’ person relates. This is the moment when everything seems like they won’t break through, the moment when you feel there is no atom of energy or zeal left in you, the passion is draining away and you are suddenly becoming more and more uninterested. It really is sad. Cos’ when u have put so much effort into a thing and required or desired results are not springing up as you envisaged, the energy actually drops. The love gets quenched. And you almost are back to ‘shallow’ level. I am really trying to pick it all up, not cos’ i also want to tell a story (i will tho), but cos’ it’s something I’ve got love for, something I’ve put almost all my all. I CAN DO IT and I surely WILL DO IT! This is a piece to myself, a note of encouragement to keep going on and not stop cos I WILL GET THERE! And if you get the chance to read this, i wish you luck in all you do. A lil more effort, perseverance and patience is what you really need, after Faith!

‘For every second that passes, comes with a smile on my face.’





So what you drive a Mercedes, there’s only one ride from out of this world, DEATH.

So what you sleep on a water bed, inside the soil is your final abode.

So what your closet is full of ‘Guccis’ and ‘Gabbannas’, the only clothing you’ll get afterwards is nothing but a white garment.

Your ‘dry lace’ is untouchable yeah? Wait till you are gone, it’ll be a meal for rats and cockroaches.

You are so overwhelmed with your body you forget to cleanse your soul, that body will still rotten.

You cannot spare 500 naira, but you are comfortable using a Blackberry Porsche, my dear, you think you can make calls up there?

Stay there and be collecting bribe, not a single kobo will be buried along with you.

Kill your house girl because she broke your Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola, I’m sorry, but your dead body will stink worse than a dead rat.

You know all the lyrics to lil wayne’s tracks, how many of God’s words have you memorized?

Are you thinking before fornicating? Do you not want daughters of your own?

You still derive joy from smoking that pipe? Wait till judgment day, there’ll’ be more than enough ‘fire’ to inhale. Keep ‘puffing’ and ‘passing’.

Since when did your body become the ‘temple of Satan’, o dearest Sister?

How easy is it for you to tell a ‘life-costing’ lie? People stay dying for your misdeed, do you think you wouldn’t die too?

Life does not END with that 17,000 pounds rock on your finger, it shall not open for you heaven’s door.









Getting the memo


I am told I was born (u think I want to write ‘with a silver spoon? Or without’ abi? Shioor) on the 5th of October in the earliest Nineties (90s)…People say I am part of this generation (I’m still trying to figure out how true this is though). Let me break it down a bit, for you ‘generational’ people…

First, I am trying to understand how these àGGMUB, LLNP, HML, HFD, GM, GN, LUL, HCD and several others like that, serve as forms of greetings. Like do you people wake in the morning and say GM to your folks and pow, you are out? I am worried for the subsequent generations. If people so young and even older ones regard this as being in the groove, then what does the future hold for those to come? I hope your kids will not answer questions as “Hey dear, how did your day go?” with “VWTUNM”. I bet you all don’t know a thing of that (Very Well Thank You Nothing Much), you see? It’s just annoying.

I am also still trying to place the Intelligence Quotient of a lot of this ‘generation’ people. When a twenty-something  year old guy, undoubtedly young, fresh from the university has nothing more worthwhile to do than sit 24hours of a day ‘bbm-ing’ or arguing soccer or staying glued to ‘Football Manager’, what can his IQ  level be? How rational can this individual be? Honestly! Or a young woman that’s only concerned with changing Peruvian hair, staying up-to-date with BBA and writing down lyrics to Beyonce’s or Adele’s, instead of occupying yourselves with positive, relevant knowledge. Wait! Isn’t this just wrong in every sense of it? I am very sure, 100%, that 9 out of every 10 university graduate in Nigeria here can barely name 10 countries in the world with their capitals. 10 countries!  out of the 196or so countries in the world. Like the people of the generation that I think I belong to would say, “Ori yin ti ku”. It’s appalling. When a person over 20years doesn’t know, I don’t know how a 15 year old will. Those ones are another story entirely.  (See #DearFutureChildren, if I ever catch you watching an entire movie on Afmag, I shall NOT hesitate to incarcerate you. Yes, incarcerate!)

Have I mentioned the names this ‘generation’ people call themselves, facebook definitely carries the worst. Ranging from Mc da Zanga, to Horlawhaley to Drew or Walexii or Fanta!!! There’s just too many crazy of them. I am proudly Monsurah, proudly! A name my wonderful parents proudly blessed me with. I’m not saying I do not have a nickname, I do. But it doesn’t sound anything like ‘zanga-related’.  Do I need to go to ‘their’ fashion style? It’s accursed. Male and female. ‘Rich’ or poor. I honestly cannot relate with seeing a guy’s pair of ‘fugly’ boxers (some of them are fine tho, but who really cares?). Does this exposure increase your chances of getting to heaven’s gates? HELL YEAH FXCKING WRONG! (Note: #DearFutureHusband, I reserve my intended comment. You are trusted enough to respect yourself). Need I talk about ‘ma ladies’? *heavy breath* I cry when I see them. Forget the color-blocing; focus on the tight-fitting dresses. How can a lady weighing over a 100kg feel comfortable wearing ‘leggings’ and blazers? I’m not even talking about the combination; I am just irritated by the ‘gory’ sight. Yes, gory. These people should be sued!!!

Need I talk about the general attitude towards making or spending ‘cheddars’? Excuse me, I do not get the memo when your father or mother doesn’t earn a 6-figure salary, you do whatever you do to make some ‘change’, change, and the next thing you do is ‘blowing the money fast’. Whatever happened to you investing?  You are not sad my dear. You are worst than pathetic!

Oh! I almost forgot the ‘twit-fights’ between 25year olds. Chei, I even remember seeing a 28year old man doing the peace sign to pose in a picture. And those annoying ones that take pictures to show their ipads or blackberry phones or international passports or wheels, and the list goes on. I weep for you. Serious weeping!

Several years down, and I am still battling with getting this generation’s memo! This sad generation!! *sigh*

Note: I am not completely innocent o, as I still take pictures of ‘Food’ too. X_X…









It’s almost like a ‘norm’ for me to wake every morning and follow a particular routine. That ‘certainty’ of doing something ‘later’ is almost always there. This however, isn’t the reality of things. One moment Tayo is smiling, the next, he is gone. This is the true state of man. There is no certainty at all.  I wake every morning, walk to the rest room, with ease, I empty my bowels, clean myself ,by myself, stretch my body, perform ablution with water, observe my prayers with convenience, take my bath, brush my teeth, dress myself up, have breakfast and take a ride to work.  All these I do by myself, with no form of assistance from anyone, simply because I can. This is routine, this is what I see as normal. This is what a lot of us go through every day. This some say, is the ‘good life’. How sadly we forget those without limbs, those that cannot and may never be able to dress themselves, those who cannot and may never hear the cries of a child or the call to prayer, those who will never walk again, and those who cannot afford more than crumbs of bread as a day’s meal. Do you know anything about people with ‘terminal illnesses’? They live by moments. They are not sure of the next day or week or month. They, along with their families countdown to their last days. You count down to your wedding or your valedictory; they hope to stay a second more. It’s not by your might, power or status that you are where you are today. It is the will of God – the one who decides the condition of all creatures. I tell myself, why worry yourself over something you cannot change? Why complain of a situation you cannot help? Whatever happened to being patient, prayerful and thankful? We all have complained bitterly about how someone spoilt our telephone charger or how a ‘useless’ driver damages your ‘expensive’ car. Do I pick from those with medical problems? Or people with very high level of poverty? Or the physically challenged? Or those that have been psychologically damaged for life? I can’t even relate to all of these? I haven’t lost my sight. My speech is as clear as the clouds. My hands work perfectly well. My brain processes data just as it should. Oh, my digestive system is just perfect. I have not been diagnosed of cancer or renal failure. I have not lost a loved one. I eat whenever and whatever I want to. I am broke doesn’t mean I can’t afford to pay for my BIS. I try to look good and smell nice. And yet, I complain bitterly when I miss a movie, I scream at a taxi driver for wasting my ‘precious’ time, I engage in several vices, I fail in my religious obligations, I do not care about my neighbors or whoever, I can decide to destroy people’s lives or property. I LIVE WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE. I simply do not care. I believe that since I ‘struggled’ to be successful, why can’t others do same. Where were they when I labored for all I have today?

I cannot provide answers to your questions, but I can ask you: “Do you really believe you are all these by your power or might?” and “D o you think these will stay forever?” NO!!! Reflect and thank God for all you have and are today. For all these, are YET ANOTHER REASON TO THANK GOD!

Whats on your mind?


This is something i wrote a ‘while’ back… Just read sha!

Before most people got familiar with the ‘new cool’ in town, they gave at least a hundred and 50 answers to this question…(doing some mental azonto)..answers that didnt really concern peeps like me (those of us that have a LIFE)…. Anyways, thats not my concern now. I’m trying, yes trying to share whats on my mind presently, this time 10.11p.m 21st March, 2012…. It’s a really long list…First, m thinking (actually hoping) to watch or even perform alongside 9ice and Tiwa in their duet…love the song (np Everything u do 9ice and Tiwa)…..2nd, if u reading dis, means u know me, and if u truly know me, u’d know how much i love and cherish my WRISTWATCHES…unfortunately, a very very bad thing seems to have happened…been looking for my ‘HOBNOT’…my only surrviving wristwatch…n now it seems gone..dont wanna believe it yet tho…cant be possible sef…btw sha, if ur thinking of solving this lil girl’s mystery, just provide me wiv a very nice watch…no fake thaings abeeeeeeg! if u can not afford a very original time-piece, pls dont bother, other things will do…i’m humble oooooo but hmmn hmmn, a fake timepiece may suffocate me…me sef won buy watch for pikin…thanx…On to the next one…u knw m serving yeah, yeah! ts the 21st of March, so my head is calculating what my allowee will be goin in2…a watch (SWATCH thaings) or perfume sha! chei…m still owing o….dts btw tho….Most importantly, my mind is filled with what 2mao will/myt bring…ts a thursday…thinking i shld fast..good yeah? yeah good…(i cant think straight oooo, ears feel lyk they flying..) wa’eva mehn… spirit has refused to write sumfng moveable…m proud of those writers sha….does this mean i’m dull? r u answering?..did i ask u?…*hiss*….but seriously tho, i cant relate with some of the things they write do they even come about those things…anyways sha, i believe God has created us for different reasons and has given us different brains for different purposes…At this juncture (Note: Yoruba pple, its not junction), i implore you, yes you prying into my private life to go and get urself something worthwhile to do…